Mortgage Pre-Approval

One of the first steps in the home buying process is to consult with a mortgage lender about your financing options.

It is hugely important to get pre-approved before really beginning your home search.  With interest rates as low as they are now,  you may be pleasantly surprised at how much home you can afford!  And if by chance you were not already pre-approved and found your dream home, it would be an awful thing to lose it because you were not ready to make an offer while others were.  Our team includes several great lenders that we highly recommend, or we are more than happy to work with another lender that has been recommended to you.  Please, though, don’t just go with an internet lender like Lending Tree or Quicken — we have had horrible experiences with this type of lender due to appraisal issues and we do NOT recommend using a firm like this..

When you know what you can afford, you can focus your home search and make your move more quickly when you find the property you want.

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